DJK Sports Association

The DJK Sports Association is the catholic sports association in Germany.

Sport connects.

In the DJK Sports Association people of all cultures come together and experience values ​​in sport. Here, athletes train with and without disabilities. Inclusion means to us: to let all people participate in the social life through the sport.

What really matters to us are not the victories. That are the people.

The addes value in sport:
we find performance good if it is fair and decent. We reject manipulation, humiliating training methods and the conscious acceptance of health hazards. Our holistic prevention model against doping abuse already starts with children and adolescents. We want to turn athletes into strong personalities who develop their talents and accept limits.

Get the most out of yourself in community, so that in the end the person wins. - That's our definition of success.

We get our inspiration from the Christian faith. Charity and respect for creation are early Christian values ​​that we want to live and experience beyond sport. These include spiritual offers.

In order for our concept to have a future, we rely on qualified training courses: training course instructors to make children strong "- the partner program together with the Federal Center for Health Education, Prevention of Sexual Violence or Doping Abuse.

The DJK Sports Association is a member of the German Olympic Sports Confederation.

In 2020 we celebrate our 100th birthday. 

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