FISEC is an international schoolsport organisation. FISEC’s members are national sports and schoolsports organisations with a catholic signature. The main objective of FISEC is to organise every year the FISEC Games. Participation in the FISEC games is open to members and potential members. The FISEC Games are for the age-group 14 – 16, boys and girls.


FISEC’s objectives and mission

FISEC (Fédération Internationale Sportive de l’Enseignement Catholique)  was estabished in 1948 and is a professional organisation that organizes sports games every year for young people from its member countries. Through national schoolsport federations of its member countries FISEC reaches young people from within Catholic schools from all over the world. Although the FISEC Games are not a goal in themselves for our participants, they may well be an objective, which creates the opportunity for young people to experience sport at a high level within the context of school.


  • to contribute to the promotion of physical education and sport
  • to facilitate encounters and exchange between youngsters
  • to contribute to the futher development of sport within the context of catholic education
  • to study problems related to sport, within the context of international (educational) organisations
  • to organise sports events which include cultural activities and exchange to support FISEC’s aims
  • to contribute to mutual understanding and friendship between adults and youngsters in the increasingly globalising world.

FISEC wants to offer more than just competition. In its activities the organization aims at stimulating sports by professional sports educators, within a well-defined pedagogical framework, including human values, fair play, social and cultural aspects. Apart from the professional set-up of the sports events FISEC aims at including in its Games the added value of cultural exchange and human interest.Since 1992, FISEC has made it its objective to professionalise its organization and events by strictly defining the conditions in the so-called FISEC Handbook and by introducing an official “Contract for the Organisation of the FISEC Games” which is binding for both the Organizing Committee and the FISEC.

Mission Statement: “Sport … frees young people from the snare of apathy and indifference and arouses a healthy sense of competition in them … it contributes to the love of life, teaches sacrifice, respect, and responsibility, leading to the full development of every human person.” (Pope John-Paul II).


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