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Dear participants of the FICEP/FISEC Games 2020,
„To give my best"; - this is the motto of our anniversary year 2020 for the 100th birthday of the DJK-Sportverband. On this occasion we are pleased to welcome many young people from the member countries of FICEP and FISEC to Duisburg.
The DJK-Sportverband will do its best to organize a sports event in the Sportpark Wedau that will be remembered for a long time.
We wish all athletes to experience the values in sport on and off the sports field.  That the DJK-Sportverband stands for and which is reflected in its motto „Sport for the sake of people";.
Many thanks to all those who put all their energy into making the games a success and a lasting experience for everyone.
The DJK-Sportverband wants to be a good host and is looking forward to July 2020.

Elsbeth Beha, President of the DJK-Sportverband

Dear friends of FICEP and FISEC,
Welcome to the FICEP/FISEC Summer Games!
In 2014, our two Catholic sports federations to organise summer games together in Vienna.
Beauvais followed in 2016, Genk in 2018 and Bucharest in 2019.
On the occasion of 100 years of DJK our friends from Germany organize in Duisburg-Wedau the Summer Games 2020.
The FICEP Summer Games took place here in 2012 and the FICEP Youth Camp in 2019. This international meetings have always been an organizational as well as sportive and a great success.
These summer games of the Christian sports federations (FICEP) and schools (FISEC) are intended to once again, our young people have the opportunity to make international comparisons as well as many new contacts. For us functionaries, it is once again the possibility of intensive cooperation for the future. A thank you from FICEP to the DJK with its president Elsbeth Beha and its the entire team for the conduct of these Summer Games and to the Presidents of the Manfed Castor (FICEP) and Herman van Driesche (FISEC) sports commissions for the preliminary work.
100 years DJK: a great anniversary with many outstanding achievements about a long period of time. Congratulations and lots of joy and creativity in the future!

for your association

Lies Janssen, Presidnet of FISEC and Gerhard Hauer, President of the FICEP

The FICEP/FISEC Games are the world championship
of two international catholic sports associations

The sports within FICEP/FISEC-Games are of a high level. Programme, facilities, rules and regulations are in accordance with international standards and laid down in the annually updated FICEP/FISEC Handbook. All sports are organised together with the local official organisations and referees. In addition each competition is accompanied by a FICEP/FISEC  OTI who has the task to observe both sports and educational values within the tournament. An important feature within the sportsprogramme is the so called “Circle of friendship and respect” and the Fairplay trophy which is part of each competition.

Sports on the programme: 

individual sports: athletics (track and field), badminton, chess, judo, swimming, table tennis, tennis;  

teamsports: basketball, futsal, handball, volleyball, soccer. 

At least 3 countries need to participate in a competition.

The FICEP/FISEC Games are organised by one of FICEP's or FISEC’s member organisations and usually take place in the second week of July. The games last 5 days and apart from the sports programme a lot of attention is being paid to cultural and educational aspects.

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